Find your equilibrium at Volonté, London's new destination for social wellbeing.

Energy Studio

Promoting Harmonious Living

Along with our healthy eatery, Café Volonté offers an adjoining energy studio. Here, our community comes together to celebrate movement, strength and fitness.

The Energy Studio is kitted out with functional equipment. In this intimate space, our clients can exercise their bodies and minds in our intimate space our clients can exercise their bodies and minds in a social environment. For more on our Energy Studio, click here.

About us

Deriving our name from the French feminine noun for ‘willpower’, we aim to provide our customers with the options they need to make healthy, informed choices towards holistic wellbeing.

A Balanced Wellbeing Space

As a healthy café in London, we take pride in our commitment to promoting a balanced lifestyle and wellbeing through our food. We believe that healthy eating shouldn’t have to be boring or bland, and that’s why we’ve created a menu that is both tasty and nutritious.

Our menu is thoughtfully designed to offer our customers a wide range of wholesome meals packed with flavour.

All our food is made fresh in small batches at our two cafes!